Writing for Well-being Community

Become YOUR Own Hero

Who is the hero in YOUR journey?

The answer to that question should be YOU!

Because you are amazing!

You have come so far,

faced so many obstacles and overcome them.

Yet you feel stuck.

Maybe you have anxiety

or low mood

or feel stressed or overwhelmed

or feel  uncomfortable in your body.

You are creative, imaginative so your mind creates scenarios that keep you stuck,

it replays the same stories and adds nice little twists to them to keep you anxious, low and stressed and feeling bad about yourself.

Perhaps, you journal, draw, paint, write but you can’t seem to get clear on what keeps you stuck, anxious or low.

That’s because you aren’t asking the right questions,

or you are but you don’t have anyone to talk through your responses, to make sense of them.

That can all end!

Become YOUR own hero, YOUR own cheerleader,

using your creativity and the support of others in the community

let’s rewrite your story

step by step

problem by problem

until you have reached the peak of the mountain

slayed the dragon

freed the damsel

emerged from the fires

free, unshackled, confident

riding home to the hero’s welcome.

Let me be your guiding light, your Yoda or Gandalf as you will. 

Dispenser of wisdom, a listening ear, a pillar of support that encourages you to keep shining your light, wielding your pen or paintbrush because you bring so much joy to the world.

Who am I?



I am Niamh, a Reiki Master/Teacher and meditation facilitator.

Writing is the expressive art I have used ever since I could hold a pen and make marks on paper. Poetry in particular has given me an outlet for my emotions and insights into the inner workings of my brain.

Going through a period of severe anxiety and depression I turned to journaling and meditation to help me. I used journal prompts I found on the internet but found these often just touched the surface or allowed only emotional dumping, so I developed a method of going deeper into my psyche using my intuition and my journal.

Reiki found me somewhere along the journey and brought me calm, relaxtion and clarity on a scale that nothing else had. I combine Reiki, meditation and journaling with my poetry writing to keep me on track.

YOUR Hero's Journey starts here!

Using Reiki, Guided Meditation, journal prompts, poetry, short stories and other forms of expressive arts we will explore your past,

to find out how you got to where you are today,

we will identify the obstacles you face 

and the thoughts and beliefs that stop you from striking out and living YOUR life the way you you really want to

we will transform those thoughts and beliefs into supportive, life enhancing ones

and learn to deal with setbacks 

and celebrate each and every win.

Come join the fellowship!

Take your pen, paintbrush or microphone

and sign up now!

Become YOUR own knight in shining armour and set yourself free.

Join the Waitlist NOW!

Still not sure?

Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me.

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So jump on that horse or hippogriff or step aboard the hot air balloon  and prepare for an adventure.

All you’ll need is pens and some paper, or a microphone if you prefer to create with your voice.

You’ll meet a bunch of other heroes on their journey. You can swap tales and tips and make merry around the campfire.

Instead of following the star you will become your own bright shining star!

You will learn to lead the way out of whatever dungeons you find yourself in.

The hero is never trapped!


What are you waiting for?