When did you last stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at your body?

And I don’t mean looking with a comparison sheet or wish list!

Have you ever looked at your body and appreciated it for the miracle that it is?

Let’s take our feet, so small in comparison to the rest of our body but they hold all of our weight, allows us to walk, run, jump and skip.

Or our hands, just think of the  sheer  number of things you do with your hands each day.

Our abdominal muscles and back muscles are designed to hold us upright when sitting or standing. 

The neck so thin, so fragile carries our head, possibly the heaviest part of us.

We are walking, talking miracles!

Have you ever stopped to consider that? 

To give gratitude to your body, to each and every part of it for how it carries you through a day?

Extended sympathy towards it when it hurts or doesn’t function as you would like?

Or do you just push through each day not really giving it much thought?

When we love and appreciate our bodies we change our relationship with ourselves on a deeper level. Learning to work with your body, showing yourself compassion, love and gratitude is the start to loving all of you.