Change Avatar Quiz - Results

  • 18-16 points: Transformer
  • 15-12 points: Chameleon
  • 11-9 points: Reluctant Rock
  • 8-0 points: Fortress of Familiarity

Transformer (18-16 points):

Congratulations, you are a Change Transformer! Like a master of disguise, you have the incredible ability to transform and adapt at the drop of a hat. You’re not just comfortable with change; you thrive on it. Consider yourself the Optimus Prime of Adaptability, leading the charge into the ever-evolving landscape of life.

Chameleon (15-12 points):

You’re the Chameleon of Change! Just like a chameleon seamlessly blends into its surroundings, you navigate through life’s changes with grace and versatility. Your ability to adapt is so smooth that others might wonder if you have a magical colour-changing superpower. Keep blending those hues of adaptability!

Reluctant Rock (11-9 points):

You’re the Reluctant Rock! While change might feel like a stormy sea, you stand firm like a resilient rock. You may not embrace change with open arms, but you weather the storms, and that’s no small feat. Just remember, even rocks get smoothed out over time by the constant flow of change.

Fortress of Familiarity (8-0 points):

You’re the Fortress of Familiarity! Change might knock on your door, but you’ve built a fortress of familiarity. While others may be exploring uncharted territories, you find comfort in the known. Remember, even fortresses need a bit of renovation now and then!