Three questions to ask yourself when you are feeling anxious.

Feeling anxious is normal! Especially when you are about to do something new or different. 

Allowing that anxiety to stop you from doing doing things, however, is not good. It restricts your lifestyle and you lose out on opportunities.

So if you are feeling anxious about going somewhere new or different here are three questions to help you deal with that anxiety and a real life example of how they help me!

The first question I ask is  What am I really scared of?

When I ask myself this question the answer invariably comes back that I am scared of getting lost. I don’t like being in “strange” places where I don’t know anyone or don’t recognise landmarks. I also hate being late, so getting lost adds to the stress of getting places at the time I agreed.

So having established that I then ask the second question  What are the chances of this happening?

Well it’s me and I don’t have a very good sense of direction and maps continue to be a complete mystery to me so there is a 95% chance that I will get lost!

This is where the third question come into its own. Can I plan for that or make a different choice?

I could choose not to go but that would lead to a pretty miserable life I chose to never go anywhere new. So I plan my route beforehand, I look on Google maps street view and identify landmarks to help me. If I am using public transport I plan and alternative route in case of delays or cancellations. I also let my son know where I am going as he has an excellent sense of direction and if I do inevitably end up getting lost I can call him and he can look at Google maps and tell me exactly where I need to go. If he is not available I just take a few deep breaths and step into knowing that I won’t be lost forever. I also know that I can ask others for help too.

Recognising the fear of getting lost  and knowing that it is likely to happen has in some way taken a lot the anxiety away from it. It’s not as if I plan to get lost but when I do it’s not as much of an issue because I am aware that it might happen and I build in time to my plans so that I’m not late even if I do get lost.

If you are struggling with anxiety on a regular basis I have a free audio of affirmations to help you. You can grab them here.