This is ME

a 7 week program



a 7 week program to help you

feel confident, happy

to boldly show all of you

your quirks and eccentricities

and not worry about what others think.



You can have it!

THIS IS ME is a 7 week program that will help you find out who you really are and how you want to show up in the world.

It will allow you to tap into your confidence and become the wonderful, joyous, creative woman that already resides within you just waiting to be let out!

Because this program requires vulnerability and a safe space to work there is an application process and you will be redirected to an application form once payment has been made. If for any reason your application is rejected a full refund will be made.

Niamh reserves the right to reject anyone she feels will not be a good fit for the program, this is NOT personal and does preclude you from taking the program in the future.


A 7 week program in which you will explore

your values

these are  your compass, they give you direction in life

your beliefs

 dictate your behaviours, sometimes your beliefs come from doing what others have told you to do and they do not align with your values so leaving you feeling like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. It is important to understand your core beliefs and where they originate and know that they can be changed.

your strengths

your talents

your skills

knowing your strengths, your innate talents, and acquired skills helps you build your self value, self worth and self esteem and contributes to your overall confidence and feeling that you have something valuable to share with the world.

your relationships 

how you show up in your relationships is directly related to your values, beliefs and the esteem and respect you hold for yourself and how you honour your boundaries.

your creativity

is directly linked to how you value yourself and how much worth you place on your individuality, your fear of others judging you and your willingness to accept all of you.

and how all  of these are interlinked and form who you believe you are and are not.

You will decide who you want to be and embrace that person confidently.

Hi I’m Niamh.

Once upon a time I was stuck in a marriage that had gone bad, I was anxious and depressed to the point where I barely left the house. I lived my life for my children, not for me.

To say I’d forgotten who I was is an understatement!

I had to start right at the beginning, exploring every aspect of myself, rediscovering the things I loved and the things I didn’t. I used a combination of yoga, Reiki, meditation and journaling to help in my search.

I left my marriage, changed careers and set up a business on the side. My children have all grown and fled the nest and thanks to seeing the changes in me are all able to confidently strike out on their own.

I have helped a number of women with body confidence issues ,  and others to uncover their self limiting beliefs and learn to reframe them. With my support a couple of women in my life have even left their abusive relationships. 

My life mission is to create a world of confident women who are not afraid to stand out, to be themselves. To do that you have first have to discover yourself!

It won’t always be an easy ride but the destination is worth it.

Week 1 – What is the “self”

You  will take a deep dive  into the concept of the “self” and what contributes to your feeling of worth and value in society. 

You will examine your values and determine where they originated and how they influence how you show up in your life.

Week 2 – Your Achievements 

In this call you will look at all you have achieved in life and your greatest milestones. You will learn to see how talented and resilient you really are. You will look at what you may see as weaknesses and learn to redefine them as strengths or use them to your advantage.

Week 3 – Self-limiting beliefs

This week you will take a look at the negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back in life. You will choose one to reframe and work on changing 

Week 4 – Confidence

A chance to explore what confidence means to you. How the concept of “self” influences how confident you feel. How you can learn to feel more confident in who you are right now. 

Week 5 – Relationships

Here you will look at current and past relationships and how they have influenced your behaviour, thoughts, and ability to show up in the world. You also look at boundaries and where you may lack them.

Week 6 – Creativity

Once again we come back to concept of self, how you acknowledge and use your creativity is determined how you value yourself. You’re going crack this right open and unleash all that pent up creativity!

Week 7 – THIS IS ME!

Here you tie it all together, your beliefs and values, your skills, talents, strengths and perceived weakness, how you allow yourself to show up and how they feed into or limit your creativity.

You will determine what changes you need to make going forward and understand how to ensure that they are achievable and sustainable.