The Self Care Revolution

a free 2 part master class

You want to wake up each morning feeling refreshed, joyful, grateful, and excited about a new day.

Everyone tells you that starts with good self-care.


You’ve heard it all before


You don’t have time for long candlelit baths; maybe you don’t even like them!

Real self-care goes deeper than the physical stuff you do to care for your body, the facials. the massages, the manicures, the exercise, the diet.

Caring for your body is just the start.

Real self-care nourishes the body, mind and soul.

But in the busyness of life that gets forgotten. You don’t know how to do that for yourself anymore.

You don’t even remember what it feels like.

You plough through your to-do list each day afraid that if you stop everything will all come crashing down around your ears.

If you had a real self-care routine, one that feeds not just your body but your mind and soul,

one that makes you feel loved, cared for and nurtured on all levels

life gets simpler.

The challenges and changes are easier to deal with because you’re tackling them from a place of fulfilment rather than trying to run on fumes.

When you’re embarking on a road trip, you fill the car with petrol, you buy snacks and drinks to keep you going, you plan rest stops. Life is a journey, you need those breaks, the snacks but not just for your body but your mind and soul too – this is self-care.

Real self-care comes from knowing who you truly are.

What makes you tick.

Your sense of self and  how you see and value yourself.

The Self Care Revolution will give you the keys to yourself, to discovering how you can care of yourself on the deepest level and raise your self worth.

Self-care that allows you to step fully into who you are to show up how you want to in the world and fulfil your true potential.

Self-care that not only allows you to dream but to make those dreams come true.

Are you ready to join THE Self Care Routine?


to work out what self care looks like for you

to help you create self care for you that leaves 

you feeling loved, nurtured and replenished.

Over two free masterclasses you will take a deep dive into what the “self”  is and how the way you view yourself effects how you care for yourself.

You will learn how you can take care of yourself in ways that help you raise you self-worth, your self-esteem and that allow you to make better life choices.

This masterclass is for you if

♥ you feel a little lost in life

♥ you have anxiety or low mood and are not sure how to shift it

♥ you have difficulty making even minor decisions for yourself

♥ you are stressed, burnt out and desperately need a break.

Hi I’m Niamh.

I was once where you are, doubting myself, feeling lost wondering how I could get out of this trap I’d seemingly built for myself.

I started yoga and that allowed me to finally let all the repressed emotions out. That led me to meditations and Reiki, and somewhere along the line I discovered journaling.  All of these were useful tools for achieving calm and clarity but it was only when I began to take my self care seriously that things really began to change.

Good self care allowed me to put in boundaries, to feel safe and confident in saying no the the things, and people, I didn’t want in my life. It also gave me permission to say YES to me more, yes to what I do want, yes to fun, to pleasure, to doing the things I love without worrying what others think.

In Part One

you will look at

how you see yourself

what contributes to your sense of self

your self value and worth

and how this can help you implement a loving, nurturing self care routine that leaves you feeling replenished and energised

and what that will look like for you.

In Part Two

you will discover how a good self care routine can help you

identify your wants, your needs and desires

and how aligning with these will help you make better life choices.