I was feeling very down and stuck with anxiety and stress. In my desperation I arranged a distance healing session with Master Reiki Practitioner Niamh. As the session progressed, I felt a subtle shift in feeling calmer within myself. After the session I began to feel a greater sense of peace and calm and had a good night sleep (something that I had not had for ages). For the next three days I literally felt like I was gaining clarity on why I had been feeling anxious and was able to work through it intelligently, my brain fog had gone, my voice had come back, and I felt calm and settled within myself, I came back to myself. Niamh also gave me session feedback and it really resonated with what was going on with me- I honestly could not believe it. Niamh is a very special and caring healer and I highly recommend her if you want to experience Reiki on a genuine and profound level. Thankyou so much Niamh!