I have listened to a great many sleep meditations over the years, living with multiple diagnosis including rumination & overthinking at night getting in the right headspace for sleep can be a real challenge, I have only ever come across a few that have done the job & I’ve felt relaxed enough for sleep or actually nodded off listening, Niamh’s is among the best ones I’ve listened to in a long while.

Niamh has a very soothing & calming tone of voice & delivers this meditation just at the right speed that allows you to actually focus on relaxing step by step without rushing you. I found the attention to detail & the way Niamh used descriptions absolutely beautiful!

When I’ve been distracted in the past either due to noises, children or my partner moving I have found it difficult to settle back into the relaxation & often just given up listening.

With Niamh’s meditation I didn’t have that problem at all, I didn’t finish the whole meditation before I fell into a lovely relaxing sleep, I woke up feeling quite refreshed too! Thank You Niamh

From one busy mumma

Becky S.

Had a Power Hour with Niamh last week. I was pleasantly surprised about my experience and definitely impressed with Niamh’s work. She guided me through her framework of dealing with Depression and Anxiety in a way that was new to me, and I gained several good insights. I absolutely loved the guided meditation she took me on, during which I felt safe and at ease. The best part of the power hour was definitely a major break-through/AHA moment.

I was struggling with self-deprecating thoughts in one area of my life, and Niamh’s method helped me to reframe my struggles in a new way, so that I was finally able to believe that I can move past this specific self-limiting belief. Thank you so much for the experience Niamh, I definitely recommend working with her!

Aya F.

I was feeling very down and stuck with anxiety and stress. In my desperation I arranged a distance healing session with Master Reiki Practitioner Niamh. As the session progressed, I felt a subtle shift in feeling calmer within myself. After the session I began to feel a greater sense of peace and calm and had a good night sleep (something that I had not had for ages). For the next three days I literally felt like I was gaining clarity on why I had been feeling anxious and was able to work through it intelligently, my brain fog had gone, my voice had come back, and I felt calm and settled within myself, I came back to myself. Niamh also gave me session feedback and it really resonated with what was going on with me- I honestly could not believe it. Niamh is a very special and caring healer and I highly recommend her if you want to experience Reiki on a genuine and profound level. Thankyou so much Niamh!



Recently I was under a lot of pressure to get a lot done in a very limited time frame and was extremely stressed. It didn’t help matters that my bad back was also giving me a lot of pain which was slowing me down. I had a Distant Reiki Treatment from Niamh and I have to say that though I remained under pressure to get all the jobs done in time I became less stressed and more relaxed. Once I’d completed all the jobs for the day I had time to sit down and relax. It was only then I realised how much the Reiki had actually helped me get through, and on reflection also became aware that my back pain though still there had reduced considerably. I got one of the best nights sleep that night than I’ve had in a long time.

Moira G.

Niamh made me feel totally at ease as I’m new to Reiki.. it was a great treatment! I felt so relaxed and calm during and afterwards ..highly recommended! Will be back !


Sabrina G.