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Healing hands…

I was very awkward as a child.🧒

Always falling over, constantly scraped knees and bruises. 🤕Even managed to cut the inside of my lower lip on a lawnmower🙄 (that’s a story for another day).

I remember my mother would apply something we called red stuff to the wounds and then a quick cuddle I was mended and on my way.❤️‍🩹

With my children is was a wet paper towel, a kiss and a cuddle. 🥰

As far as I’m aware wet paper towels have no medicinal or healing properties what did work though was the hug.

Isn’t amazing how even the smallest touch can instantly make us feel better physically and emotionally.💖

We all have healing hands 🤲 when it comes to those we love. 💕

When did you last use your healing hands?

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Why pay for Reiki?

Why pay for Reiki is a question that frequently rears its ugly head in Reiki circles and beyond. I know many Reiki Masters who give free treatments and wouldn’t dream of asking for money or any other form of payment for their work.

There is nothing wrong with that, who doesn’t like free stuff after all? The argument that prevails is that Reiki doesn’t cost us anything, it is Divine or Universal energy we are tapping into. Anyone can learn Reiki and treat themselves or others so why pay for something that is free?

Well we pay for plenty of things that are free and never even question it. Take our drinking water for instance, water is a free resource, in fact 71% of the earth’s surface is water, admittedly not all of it is fresh water. Anyone of us could go to our local stream or river and collect water to drink, wash and cook, instead we choose to have it come out a convenient tap in our house. We pay for the water to be cleaned and for the pipes that deliver it. ~ A Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the energy you are receiving.

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