The Confidence Booster


Develop the confidence to grab life by the balls

 and learn to love yourself inside and out.



What you get:

3 months support

Starting with a call where we identify what is holding you back from loving yourself and showing up in the world as the person you want to be.

Then a monthly call where you get accountability, support and we celebrate the work you’ve already done, look at where you want to focus next and put together an action plan. Each call will include either Distance Reiki or a Guided Meditation.

Access to me via WhatsApp or Messenger.
(terms and conditions apply) 

During the first call we will look at your self talk patterns and identify the limiting belief behind those thoughts. We will create an action plan to help you change those thoughts and beliefs and your self-talk so that you begin to believe in and trust yourself again.

After an hour with me, Aya was able to reframe her struggles and believe that she could move past the self-limiting-belief that was holding her back:

Eli was able to redefine some of her beliefs and see her life choices from different perspective:

And Carol had a breakthrough that made her realise things she thought weren’t possible were:

In the 3 follow up calls we will take an in depth look at what you have achieved and any tweaks that need to be made. We will define ways for you to celebrate your successes without sabotaging your goals and determine how you will deal with any setbacks that occur. At the end of the three months you will have the tools to help you keep moving forward, building your confidence and self love, finding your joy and happiness again.

You will also have access to me by WhatsApp or Messenger during the three months for further support and confidence boosts.

YOU could have all this and more!

It’s time you took a chance on YOU!

Give yourself the gift of self-love and self-confidence!

Leave the anxiety and depression behind you and strike out as a brand new confident woman with a whole new world to be explored.

Pay in Full Bonus

Get my Confidence Pack meditation bundle.

Need a payment plan? Please contact me to arrange.


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