Letting GO!


A moving meditation for when it feels impossible to be still in mind or body.



If  your brain is a whirlwind of ideas or worries and you just can’t get it to quieten down or you’re holding tension in your body that you can’t seem to let go of then this guided moving meditation is for you!

I created this meditation with my neurospicy friends in mind. Time after time, they tell me their mind is buzzing and they can’t focus on one thing. Their bodies need movement in order to help the brain find the calm it needs for them to concentrate.

But rather than hoovering or dusting in an attempt to achieve calm, this meditation guides your movement in a way that feels natural to you but allows you to bring your awareness to your body and away from all the thoughts and ideas spinning in your head.

You’ll feel invigorated, energised, with a greater ability to direct your focus and prioritise your tasks.


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