Journal Prompts and Affirmations to Relieve a Tickly, Persistent Cough


Have a dry, tickly cough that just won’t go away? Use these journal prompts to find out if there is an emotional or energetic block that needs releasing.



The rest of your symptoms have gone yet the cough persists. Maybe it keeps you awake at night. Perhaps it prevents you from showing up on live calls or recording reels or videos because you’re worried about having coughing fits.

Often the symptoms you attribute to a physical illness can be your body’s way of telling you there is something else going on. Emotions you have yet to process or beliefs that no longer serve you that you need to examine and change.

This short series of journal prompts  will help you determine if there is an emotional or other block causing your persistent cough.  They come with a meditation  and affirmations to help you clear and change any beliefs or stories you are telling yourself that you no longer need.


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