Embrace your body


Say YES to the dress, the jumpsuit, the bikini. Shed the shame and embrace your body and wear whatever you want!



You want to be able to wear that dress, jumpsuit, bikini with confidence, to strut your stuff and feel good in your body but…

someone in your past has “slut-shamed” you for an outfit you have worn and this has impacted how you dress and how you feel about your body and your sexuality so you hide beneath baggy clothes, tell yourself you’re ugly or that you can’t wear “sexy” clothing. You don’t want to show any skin in case someone misconstrues your efforts to look good as being sexual and calling for unwanted attention.

This meditation is for you. To help you step into your confidence, to say NO to those who have or do tell you what you can and cannot wear, to stand up for yourself and embrace you, your body and your sexuality.

This is what one client has said about this powerful meditation:

This meditation is amazing for any woman who has been put down, told off or criticised for wearing what makes her feel good.

It’s an incredibly powerful and empowering meditation to stand up to those that disapproved- a way to

say YES to yourself,

say YES to be who you want to be,

say YES to wear whatever you want.

It’s a meditation to get in touch with your younger self and together embrace your strength, courage and bravery to be who you are.

It’s an emotional, personal and enlightening meditation and you will come away feeling amazing 🤩 I know I did.

It also helped me identify areas I can do more work on that I hadn’t thought of. I highly recommend this meditation to any woman who want to strengthen the bond with her younger self”

You too can embrace your body, wear what you want with confidence and this meditation will kickstart that transformative journey for you.



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