Drop the Mask

You want the old you back!

The happy confident you who loved life.

The you before anxiety and depression took hold.

You might not even remember when it all changed.

You haven’t told anyone how you feel.

How can you when on paper you have everything you could need or want?

So you wear a mask!

You paste on a smile and pretend all is fine.

But inside, you’re crumbling, breaking.

You don’t know how much longer you can take this.

Everyone thinks you are amazing, that you have life sorted.

You’re like the proverbial swan, serene on the surface feet frantically paddling beneath.

Anxiety or depression have become your constant companions

Making you second guess everything you do.


you can’t tell anyone because you’re scared they won’t believe you.

So you hide your true feelings, which just compounds them.

Maybe you are going through menopause, or empty nest syndrome, or you’ve just had a baby, or your child has started school, you’ve moved house, divorced, got married.

It’s hard coping with life’s changes.

It’s even harder when they cause you stress, anxiety or low mood and you can’t talk about that because you think you shouldn’t feel like this.

You think everybody else just deals with this stuff they don’t make a fuss. So you shouldn’t.

So you put on a mask and hide your feelings.

You know it would really help if you could just talk to someone about how you feel, without being judged or criticised or told that you shouldn’t feel this way.

You want more than anything to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be listened to, to have your feelings validated by someone who loves you and whom you trust.

This master class gives you the tools to help you put into words what you need to say, to find the best person in your life to support you right now and how to approach them so you are truly heard.

So watch, listen and use the accompanying workbook to write down all your thoughts, feelings and get an action plan in place so you can get the support you need to help you Drop the Mask and take the first steps to recovery.