Distance Reiki


Get all the benefits of Reiki without leaving your home!



If you feel stressed, tired, in pain, or just need an energy boost Reiki may be just the ticket for you.

A gentle, non-invasive treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed, calm and with clarity of thought.

Because Reiki is energy healing it can be sent across distances and time zones. It doesn’t the physical boundaries we humans have and can even be sent backwards in time.

And it has the same effect as an in person treatment.

Here is what some of my clients have said about receiving distant Reiki from me:

I was feeling very down and stuck with anxiety and stress. In my desperation I arranged a distance healing session with Master Reiki Practitioner Niamh. As the session progressed, I felt a subtle shift in feeling calmer within myself. After the session I began to feel a greater sense of peace and calm and had a good night sleep (something that I had not had for ages). For the next three days I literally felt like I was gaining clarity on why I had been feeling anxious and was able to work through it intelligently, my brain fog had gone, my voice had come back, and I felt calm and settled within myself, I came back to myself. Niamh also gave me session feedback and it really resonated with what was going on with me- I honestly could not believe it. Niamh is a very special and caring healer and I highly recommend her if you want to experience Reiki on a genuine and profound level. Thankyou so much Niamh! KB

What a lovely session with Niamph! Not only made me feel very at peace and relaxed – but by the end of the session I realised that the pain in my shoulder that was there for a week, had disappeared. Would definitely recommend! Svetlana R


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