Break Free – Power Hour


Give yourself permission to really live life!


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Does life feel a bit yuck at the moment?

Like you’re sleepwalking through your days, going through the motions but not really living.

Not quite sure what is keeping you stuck

You want to feel happy, to wake up looking forward to the day.

To feel confident, self assured.

To stop your brain telling you all the things you can’t do, or that could go wrong.

You want your thoughts to be supportive of you and the life you dream of.

And you can have all this.

You can begin the process by choosing to book a Break Free – Power Hour with me.

An hour and a bit in which I will guide you through identifying your self-limiting beliefs or negative self talk and thoughts.

You will ascertain the belief or thought that is having the most impact on your wellbeing and I will guide you in refuting and reframing it. Then if you choose to you can, with guidance, turn into an affirmation or mantra for use during either a Distance Reiki Treatment or a Guided Meditation.

You will leave knowing what you need to work on most, armed with the knowledge that you have all you need within you to help yourself and access to me, and others, for further support in a free Facebook Group.

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