Do you want to change your relationship with your body, learn to love, accept and respect it?

To develop a loving grateful relationship with it that has the potential to change your life?

My journey to healing from my anxiety and depression started with my body.

Learning first of all to accept my body as it was, to acknowledge that bits of it didn’t work quite the way I would like. To accept that I was overweight, drained due to poor sleep and diet and not enough exercise. 

I moved from acceptance to gratitude and appreciation for what my body actually can and does do. I realised that I am a walking miracle.

That led to a deep respect for my body which meant I had to change the way I lived.

The respect I developed for my body wouldn’t allow me to feed it rubbish anymore, to stay  up until the early hours and then drink endless coffee in an effort to stay alert the next day. 

I began to eat better, get more sleep and exercise.

And as I treated my body better  and began to feel  better my body stopped sending the triggers, the horrible emotions, the aches and pains it used to in an effort to get me to listen to it. It didn’t need to because I was listening to it now.

The more I listened, the more I understood and could see where the old hurts, memories and traumas were held and causing energy blockages  that were  keeping me stuck in my anxiety and depression. 

As my body was no longer shouting at me to listen I was able to gain clarity and calm my mind, Reiki helped enormously with this, and really work on changing my self-talk and subconscious soundtrack.

To buy each meditation and the accompanying exercises separately would cost you


Because I want to help as many people as possible I have decided to make it as affordable as I can so you can grab it for 



That’s right!

Seven meditations with accompanying exercises for 


The meditations and accompanying exercises are designed to be an experience so you will need to join as a member, it is a one-off payment for lifetime access to the meditations.

You will also have access to a Facebook group where you will find a supportive community to help you on your journey.  I will also be there to guide and support you.

Still not convinced? 

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

This is a series of 7 Meditations.
The first one “Touch” is designed to put you back in touch with your body, the second “Let’s Soar” uses your imagination to create feeling of joy and gratitude towards your body.
Then we move to “Funky Feet” and “Loving Hands”, so really learning to appreciate parts of our body that do so much for us.
After that we take a look at our “Wobbly Bits”, so the bits we think we don’t like and learn to if embrace them at least appreciate them.
The penultimate meditation “Move YOUR Body” uses very gentle movement and relaxtion techniques to get the blood flowing and release energy blocks.
And the final one “Embrace All of YOU” helps you let go and see the body as a functioning whole.
Each one is accompanied by simple exercises to help you learn to love and appreciate your body. For example, daily care of your hands so buying a nice hand cream and actually using it!

Are you ready?

To change?

To break free from stress, anxiety and depression?

To learn to love all of you more?

To develop the respect for you body that will help you make those changes?