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Do you want to change your relationship with your body, learn to love and accept it?

To develop a loving grateful relationship with it that has the potential to change your life?

Join us here in the Love YOUR Body Lounge to access meditations and exercises to help you. There will be regular regular Reiki healings and guest experts to talk about nutrition, diet, exercise and mindset. You may also find other nuggets such as information about essential oils and crystals and Angel Card readings over in our private Facebook Group. What will you get if you join? RIGHT NOW you will have access to a series of meditations and exercises that you will do over seven weeks to work on changing your relationship with your body. A second series will be coming in the New Year. You will find a supportive community over on Facebook to motivate and encourage you on your journey. The Facebook group will have mini Monday meditations to keep you on track and I will go Live at least fortnightly to answer your questions. You have three options for joining: £120 £70 for six months. £20 £15 monthly subscription, minimum 3 month commitment required. £240 £160 annual subscription.
In the New Year you can also expect a pathway of guided exercises, meditations and Reiki healings to help you make the lifestyle changes you require to continue improving your relationship with your body.  We will also help you delve into any anxiety, depression or chronic pain problems you have and identify the causes and work out the changes you need to make to your lifestyle to help you free yourself of them. There will be bonuses in the form meditations, pdfs, masterclasses from guest experts and as well as regular Reiki healing and coaching calls with Niamh. Still not convinced?  Here’s what some of my clients have said: So are you ready to commit to yourself? To changing your relationship with your body? Learning to love and accept your body and from there making the lifestyle changes that will last? These prices are only available until the end of the month!!!

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