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It’s not about willpower!

It's not about willpower!

Not being able to the diet or going to the gym regularly, or whatever the thing is you have promised yourself you will do or start again on Monday, has nothing to with willpower or lack of willpower.


You don’t do or stick to these things because you don’t really enjoy them, or you’re doing them for someone else’s approval, or to make you feel better amongst others.

When you find the diet that suits your body, allows you to eat foods you enjoy and bring you the health benefits you need then you will find it easier to stick to.

It’s the same with exercise, when you find the exercise that your body and your time in life and that gives you a buzz then you will do it naturally. You won’t need incentives or persuasion to do so.

Because ultimately having good relationships with food and exercise is all about self care.

And good self care is about really knowing yourself and understanding on the deepest level what works for you.

So if you’re stuck in the on/off the diet or exercise cycle maybe what you need is an overhaul of your self care.

You need The Self Care Revolution!

A free two part masterclass to help you understand yourself and what real self care looks like for you.

Good self care does not involve willpower, because when you have it in place lovingly look after yourself automatically.

Come and join the revolution

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