After a long busy week, I was hoping for a lie in this morning, my neighbour however had different ideas and had the hammer and power tools out at some godawful hour. 🛠🔨

Been woken by someone hammering right above your head does not really set you up for the best day. 🙄 I got up much earlier and much grumpier than intended and had breakfast but still felt unsettled so…

I put my headphones on with some subtle meditation music to block out the banging and gave my self a Reiki treatment and restarted my day in a calm relaxed mood that will allow me to tackle whatever heads my way. 🏝

I’ve been practising Reiki for several years now and it still surprises me by how quickly it can change my mood, my outlook or make me see something negative or challenging in a different light.

Hoping your Saturday is chilled and peaceful. 🕊