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Happy New Year!

So we begin again, another chance to look over what we have achieved or failed to achieve and set ourselves new goals for the coming year. We begin with childish optimism, taking up a new sport or hobby, a determination to get fit, lose weight, be kinder, drink less, earn more: the list is endless.

And each year we falter,  after a few weeks life catches us up, things go wrong and we find ourselves returning to old habits and berating ourselves for that, which in turn makes it harder to change. Our old ways are our comfort in times of stress and the harder we are on ourselves the more likely we are to want our comforts so creating a vicious circle.

This year my one and only resolution is to take it easy on myself. To treat myself with the  same compassion and kindness I offer to others in my life. After all, I am only human, I am allowed to make mistakes, to feel tired or overwhelmed to need time out and space to breathe, think, just be and this year I am going to take that time without feeling guilty. As the saying goes you cannot pour from an empty cup, this year I will be working on keeping my cup full so I can continue to give to those who need it.

Whatever you have decided you want in your life in 2018 I hope you achieve it and I wish you all a happy. healthy and prosperous New Year.




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