Every morning before my Reiki self-practice I recite the Reiki Principles. Each week I choose one to concentrate on as I try to bring Reiki into my everyday life rather than just my healing practice. I am trying to live and breathe Reiki in every waking moment, to remain serene and calm and not let the knocks in life push me off my path.

This week I have chosen to be grateful, to express my gratitude each day as things happen and in notes before I go to bed at night.

Today I am grateful for:

1). Hot running water: I didn’t sleep well last night so this morning I was very grateful to be able to step into a warm shower to give me some much needed alertness.

2). Money: today I found 50p on the pavement, not a huge amount I know but it reminded me that no matter how poor I think I am I always have enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table even when I have unexpected expenses there is somehow always enough.

3). My cats: who come running the minute they hear my key in the door, purring and rubbing against my legs. They bring me such joy and comfort and all I have to do is fill their bowls twice a day. 🙂

4). My yoga teacher: who seems to instinctively know what I need to work on. Every time she leads us through poses that just target the areas I need to stretch or strengthen, and I rarely mention what feels tight or sore before class.

5). Books: for their ability to take us out of ourselves, our lives. the mundanity of our day to day existence and take us on adventures and teach us lessons.

What are you grateful for today?