Escape or Self Care?

Escape or self care?

Is that glass of wine or bar of chocolate you are having when you finish work and chores for the day really self care or is it escape?


A way of escaping or drowning out the thoughts or emotions that are popping up. The should haves, could haves, would haves that just serve to make you feel worse about yourself and your perceived lack of achievements?


Do you tell yourself you deserve it while at the back of your mind you know it’s doing more harm than good?

Indulgence isn’t always self care!


Just because the media or your friends tell you that you need a glass of wine, chocolate, ice cream cake, a long bath, a manicure  to help you unwind, that you need to care for you doesn’t mean these things are right for you. They may be good, fun enjoyable occasionally but then they become habits that don’t sustain you but harm you. You can become reliant on them as a fix, a crutch, a way of avoiding the emotions and mess that confronting what is really going on for  you will bring up.


But aren’t you tired of feeling like this? Of having one more glass of wine, one more bath and nothing seems to change, to shift, to get better?

It doesn’t have to be like this!


Are you ready to break free?


To redefine what self care looks like for you?

True self care!


Self care that leaves you feeling nurtured, loved and replenished?

Are you ready for The Self Care Revolution?