Do you struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, low mood, depression or persistent pain?

Is your relationship with your body  a contributing factor?

Or do you want to make lifestyle changes but have difficulty sticking to them?

Are you having counselling, CBT or on medication but want something extra to support your recovery?

Would you like to learn to love your body? To change how you treat it and speak to and of it? And in doing so change your lifestyle and habits? 

If  you do then I have just the thing for you!

I am starting a membership site where you will have guided exercises and meditations as well as Distance Reiki Treatments to help learn to love your body, and to seek out the roots of your problems and implement changes to your diet, sleep and other lifestyle habits or patterns that are holding you back. 

There will be support to help you implement the changes you wish to make and a community to keep you on track and offer encouragement through any setbacks.

There will also be guidance and support for you if you’re struggling in the moment that will help you gain calm and peace and the ability to move forward.


To keep updated and for tips and tools to manage your anxiety, low mood and depression.