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Being a contender for an Olympic Gold in Procrastination diligence in my work has always been a hard one for me. There are so many books to read, website links to follow and new music to listen to that I can happily while away the hours and produce absolutely nothing worthwhile.

I work best to deadlines, particularity externally imposed ones, so I have been trying to set some for myself and to stick to them. I have various ongoing projects at the moment and we are redecorating and decluttering the house.The redecorating bit is on target to finished next weekend, the main reason for this being that I had help for a specific number of days so I had to clear and clean the rooms ready for them to be decorated. All well so far except the clutter is now residing in various mounds around the house, and this where I fail in my diligence, the job is only part done.

So today I am setting a deadline for myself to have got rid of it all, giving to charity, taken to the rubbish tip or otherwise disposed of by next weekend.

This week as part of living the Reiki principles I have set aside time to work out what needs doing this week in terms of housework, including aforementioned decluttering, finances, getting children ready for return to college and general day to day stuff made a list and set myself time limits. So far I have I have stuck to it an am feeling rather accomplished. (I know it is still only Tuesday! :roll:)

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?