Are you thinking about New Year's resolutions? If you are I can help you make the right ones and stick to them. Read to find out more.

I am still buzzing from the debate we had yesterday in Kate Hogan‘s RCC Speakers Club about New Year’s Resolutions. 
I was charged with defending them and saying they are a good thing – the truth is I haven’t set a New Year’s Resolution in years, mainly because I find January and February to be absolutely miserable months. It’s cold, wet and dark and all I want to do when not working is curl up on the sofa with a good book, or occasionally Netflix, and the cat so making a resolution to lose weight or do more exercise or indeed anything else, is just not going to work for me.
The thing with NY resolutions is that they leave you feeling virtuous for the few days you stick to them and then the commitment wanes and you start to beat yourself up about not being able to stick to them.
And this is usually because you set about making changes without truly understanding why you want to make those changes or how you deal with change in your life. When you have a clear understanding of the motivation behind the changes and know how you deal with change and the tools you have to help you through those changes then you stand the best chance of actually achieving what you set out to.
I am running a free workshop on Thursday 5th January at 7:30pm to help you work how you deal with change and to support yourself through any changes you wish make as we enter a new calendar year. There will be a free workbook to go along with the workshop. Sign up link here!