About me

My name is Niamh. I am a Reiki practitioner who also mentors those suffering with anxiety and depression. As well as Reiki I use guided exercises, meditations and breathwork to help my clients.

I am a former accountant and currently work as a primary school teacher specialising in Maths. My main passions in life are reading, writing, yoga and Reiki.

I am a Reiki Master in both Shiki Ryoho & Reiki Ryoho lineages of the Usui System of Reiki.  I work from a treatment room at a yoga studio in Surbiton, Surrey.  I can also visit you at your home depending on distance.

I completed my training at The Reiki Academy London.

Reiki entered my life during what I can only describe as a very turbulent time. I was dealing with stressful life events and the effects of those on my nearest and dearest and was deeply depressed when I received an email offering me a free e-book by Torsten Alexander Lange Being a sucker for books and especially free ones I downloaded it. It was several weeks before I read it but once I started I was hooked. I had a Reiki treatment myself and that was it. Everything just felt so right and I was compelled to train as a Reiki practitioner to share this wonderful healing energy with as many people as I can.

Since I started giving myself and others Reiki I have had several physical complaints healed , an old whiplash injury for which I had several courses of physio to little effect has cleared up, a lactose intolerance which I have had since childhood is no longer bothersome and I feel calm and peaceful and my depression has lifted.

I now have a new community through my Reiki training. Reiki has and continues to change my life in positive ways.