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Way back in 2010, I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. My self worth and self confidence were on the floor. 

Every morning, I reluctantly dragged my backside out of bed and got dressed so I could get my children to school. Twice a week, I dragged myself to yoga after I dropped the kids to school but usually I went home and cried while I went through the motions of laundry, housework, and meal preparation. 

There was no counselling available on the NHS and my, now ex, husband refused to pay for me go privately despite having health insurance at work that would have covered it. 

Eventually, I found a therapist through the church I attended at the time. It was by no means the perfect relationship and about the only useful thing she told me to do was to journal.

I went out and bought a notebook and set to. The reality was that I had no idea how to journal and it just became an exercise in frustration. I was writing the same diatribes of self hatred day after day. All it was doing was creating more angst as I had no clue how to use what I had written or how to process the negative emotions.

One morning, just as I was about to throw my journal across the room in sheer frustration a question popped into my head. I wrote  it in my journal and answered it. 

From that point my journaling changed, each day I would “hear” a question and I would answer it. This often led to more questions.

I had begun using my journal as a “tool of enquiry,” and in the process rediscovering myself, my likes, and dislikes, my strengths and perceived weaknesses and finding what made me happy and so rebuilding my confidence and creating the life I wanted to live. 

I have carefully selected the journal prompts that had the most impact on me to share with you over the next 52 weeks.

Prompts that will help YOU learn more about who you are, what makes you tick, what if any changes you want to make in your life and to help you develop the confidence to chase after your dreams. 

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