Hello and welcome to Reiki by Niamh.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing system, it is done with the client fully clothed and may be hands on or hands off.

The name Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei meaning the Divine or Spiritual connection and Ki is the life force or universal energy that flows through every living thing.

The energy of Reiki flows through the practitioner’s hands to the client stimulating their own innate healing ability. Reiki can help heal physical ailments as well as reducing stress, anxiety and depression and bring about a feeling of relaxation, balance and harmony.

If you are looking for Reiki treatments or just exploring ways to change your life, develop your spiritual side or just curiosity, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are stressed, anxious or  finding it difficult to cope with life events or life in general Reiki can help by promoting  deep relaxation,  and a sense of calm and peace and well-being.

If you just want to find out what Reiki is all about then please read more of my site and have a look at the treatments I offer.

I am  offering in person treatments at the studio. Face coverings will be required.

I am still offering Distance Treatments if that feels safer for you, click here to book.

Had a Power Hour with Niamh last week. I was pleasantly surprised about my experience and definitely impressed with Niamh’s work. She guided me through her framework of dealing with Depression and Anxiety in a way that was new to me, and I gained several good insights. I absolutely loved the guided meditation she took me on, during which I felt safe and at ease. The best part of the power hour was definitely a major break-through/AHA moment.

I was struggling with self-deprecating thoughts in one area of my life, and Niamh’s method helped me to reframe my struggles in a new way, so that I was finally able to believe that I can move past this specific self-limiting belief. Thank you so much for the experience Niamh, I definitely recommend working with her!

Aya F.

I was feeling very down and stuck with anxiety and stress. In my desperation I arranged a distance healing session with Master Reiki Practitioner Niamh. As the session progressed, I felt a subtle shift in feeling calmer within myself. After the session I began to feel a greater sense of peace and calm and had a good night sleep (something that I had not had for ages). For the next three days I literally felt like I was gaining clarity on why I had been feeling anxious and was able to work through it intelligently, my brain fog had gone, my voice had come back, and I felt calm and settled within myself, I came back to myself. Niamh also gave me session feedback and it really resonated with what was going on with me- I honestly could not believe it. Niamh is a very special and caring healer and I highly recommend her if you want to experience Reiki on a genuine and profound level. Thankyou so much Niamh!