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You’ve arrived! You’re here because you just want to be happy!

I am Niamh, a Reiki Master who uses  a combination of guided meditation,  journaling and Reiki to help women learn to love themselves again and to live a life they love.

Happiness and confidence are your natural state but somewhere along the line you’ve lost them.

You got busy with life, or had changes you didn’t want imposed on you. Your mind took over and you stopped listening to your heart and your body, and now you’re looking for a way back.

Well lucky for you, you found me. I’ve been where you are and I have the tools and skills to help you. You can read or listen to my story further down this page then take a look at the F.A.Q. but you came here for a reason.

And that reason is because you know something needs to change. Let me guide you in creating the changes you want to make to help you achieve the confidence, the self-assurance to go after your dreams. Begin your own journey with twenty minute Discovery Call with me.

About Me!

Don’t have time to read? You can listen to my story here.




I wipe the tears away with the back of my hand and put on my happy face. It is paramount that no one at the school gates, especially my children, see how I really feel.

On paper, I have it all. The house, the car, children, my dream job and the handsome husband. I should be deliriously happy.

The intimate chatter of the women, the cries and laughter of the children, at the school gate make me feel even more lost and alone. It is hard to choke back the tears in this sea of joyfulness where I feel I do not belong.

The thing is I did, and do belong. I was a respected member of the community, treasurer of the PTA, a catechist at the church and a qualified teacher. I had let the pressures of everyday life swallow me whole, forgotten in the busyness of life who I was. I had neglected to look after me.

Have you ever felt that? Alone in the crowd?

Like you have to wear a mask and pretend everything is fine? Because really, you think no one cares or wants to know how you truly feel? Deep down, you feel unloved, unsafe, uncared for, and like an alien in a world where everyone else seems to have arrived with a manual you didn’t get?

It doesn’t have to be like this you have a choice. 

You get to choose you. And you can do it. I know because I did.

I’d be lying if I told you that choosing me was all sunshine and flowers! It wasn’t I had to hit rock bottom and claw my way up again. It was at the bottom of that pit of despair and self-flagellation that I realised my job, the dream job, was at the root of  a lot of my problems. It required me to present as a confident, compassionate role model when inside I was beating myself up and telling myself I was useless. One of me was lying! The only way to reconcile these two conflicting opinions was to leave my job and work on me, on who I truly was and what I wanted out of life.

That started on my yoga mat, six months of tears, allowing all the repressed emotions to flow through me. Yoga led to meditation which in turn led to journaling. It was through my journal that I rediscovered me. Through notebook after notebook of tearstained and angst-ridden pages, a woman of such resilience, persistence and determination shone so brightly she was hard to ignore. I learnt to see qualities in me that I’d never noticed before, to embrace who I was at my core and shed the shackles of a marriage that trapped and isolated me, dictated who I should be and how I should appear to the world.

A few weeks after my marriage ended, the elation wore off, the realisation that I had ripped my children’s family apart sunk in as the fighting over assets and finances began. I found myself back in that pit, only this time my children were angry at me. My friends, of the opinion that all should be easy now that he’d left, didn’t understand.  Life felt utterly pointless, and I came closer to ending to it than ever before.

And then Reiki found me in a flash of light, with a voice and vision that made me wonder if I was going insane on top of everything else. I tried to shrug it off, but Reiki was everywhere, in my inbox in the form of a free book yet to be downloaded, tingling in my hands, my music jumping to songs that I’d never heard let alone played before but spoke of healing, lights and angels. I gave in downloaded the free book, read it in one sitting and was hooked. There was no other option but to become a master.

 Reiki has since been a huge part of my life and healing and has gently guided me to helping other women who feel lost in life or have lost sight of who they truly are to rediscover themselves.

It’s never too late to find yourself again to follow your dreams if you are willing to take the chance on you, I’m here to help you find the wonderful, confident, joyous, woman you have forgotten but still resides within.