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How’s your Saturday going?

After a long busy week, I was hoping for a lie in this morning, my neighbour however had different ideas and had the hammer and power tools out at some godawful hour. 🛠🔨

Been woken by someone hammering right above your head does not really set you up for the best day. 🙄 I got up much earlier and much grumpier than intended and had breakfast but still felt unsettled so…

I put my headphones on with some subtle meditation music to block out the banging and gave my self a Reiki treatment and restarted my day in a calm relaxed mood that will allow me to tackle whatever heads my way. 🏝

I’ve been practising Reiki for several years now and it still surprises me by how quickly it can change my mood, my outlook or make me see something negative or challenging in a different light.

Hoping your Saturday is chilled and peaceful. đź•Š

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I never thought I could be happy…

For years, I suffered from low level depression and anxiety, that had really just become so much part of who I was that I accepted it as just life. I always had worries, about money, about my children, my parents, my health and the health of others. My relationship was breaking down and I lived in a state of fear. Whenever I tried to discuss it with anyone, I was made feel like I was just complaining.

Yet people told me they were in awe of me, I was so organised holding down a full-time job, bringing up three children almost single-handedly, I never forgot a mufti day or any of the children’s activities. But I was like the proverbial swan, serene and graceful on the surface but paddling furiously underneath.

Then there was a major re-organisation on the work front and my job began causing me huge amounts of stress, at the same my daughter’s illness exacerbated, and while I still worried about finances, I took the decision to leave work and take some time out.

That is when the full force of depression and anxiety hit. Having, for the first time in years, time to myself I found I was at a loss, I had no idea how to sit still, to just be in the moment. I had spent decades rushing from one over-planned task to the next. Now there were days of nothingness facing me, I rattled around the house just waiting for school pick-up time. I was so burnt out and so lacking in confidence I barely knew how to talk to anyone at the school gates. I found myself withdrawing, going deeper and deeper into the dark well of depression. There did not seem to be a way out.

It was through a chance discussion with someone at a yoga class that I subscribed to Hay House and started to receive emails from them about podcasts and books. One day I opened one of those emails and it was offering me a free book about Reiki. I read the book and I literally lit up from the inside out, I knew I had to find out more and embarked on my journey to become a Reiki Master/Teacher.

I never thought that I could be happy or stress free yet every day I wake up with a smile on my face and feel so grateful to be here and for the experiences and opportunities that lead me to this point. Reiki helped me find the calm, the peace, the clarity I sought and to make some very difficult but rewarding changes to my life. Now I use Reiki to help others do the same.

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When did you last check in with yourself?

We’re living in odd times with additional stressors in our lives. Over the past year we’ve had lockdowns, had to self isolate, submit to regular testing, many of us working from home or being furloughed and many more have lost their jobs and our normal support networks haven’t been available to us.

Some of us have taking to walking or running to relieve the stress while others have turned to baking and crafting and others to less healthy habits. But how many of us have actually taken the time to sit and check in with ourselves?

We seem to regularly check how we are doing physically, whether we have become fitter or gained weight, have new injuries or managed to heal old ones, our clothes inform us of physical changes as do our mirrors and cameras. Our bodies, however, only tell a very small part of the story. Do you know the rest of your story? Where are you mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

Taking time to sit quietly and really check in on our emotional, mental and spiritual help is essential if we are to achieve balance in our lives. We need to recognise our emotions, accept and release them. We need to acknowledge when we are feeling down or stressed and find ways to support ourselves, to show show ourselves kindness and compassion. If we are just hurtling from one chore to the next, one day to the next without checking in, without taking time to release those emotions and stressors they build up and we are left feeling angry or resentful without fully understanding why.

I have always tried to cultivate habits to support my emotional/mental and spiritual well being and these have stood me in good stead over the past few months. Some of the things that have helped me are :

  1. Keeping a daily gratitude journal
  2. A Reiki self-treatment before I get up in the morning
  3. Yoga – I try and do 2 or 3 classes a week
  4. Sending Reiki healing at least once a month to individuals/groups or the earth itself
  5. Journaling
  6. Walking – I try and walk for at least 30 minutes a day.

What toll has the last year or so taken on your emotional/mental/spiritual wellbeing? When did you last truly ask this of yourself? What are you doing to help yourself, to stay connected to you, so that you can be your best self?

If you wish to know more about my habits or share some of yours please do leave a comment below.

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Why Reiki?

A lot of people have heard of Reiki, they know it’s some sort of alternative holistic treatment but that’s as far as it goes. They don’t understand it and are reluctant to try it, yet the same people will have needles stuck in them even though they are not quiet sure how acupuncture works either. They have no idea how their skeleton works or how the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support it function, yet they will allow someone to poke prod and manipulate them without understanding what they are doing to their body.

I’m not dissing other therapies, far from it and the majority of practitioners are well qualified in their discipline and continue their professional development and updating their skills.

Reiki is not yet a mainstream treatment and therefore not as trusted as others that have been around for longer. It can work on its own or as a useful adjunct to other therapies.

Reiki uses the body’s own energy system to promote self-healing, the process is triggered by the practitioner connecting to Reiki and allowing the energy to flow via their hands to the person receiving the treatment. The recipient will sometimes feel this as hot or cold sensation, sometimes as tingling or emotional release. The treatment room provides a safe space for the client to let go of emotional, physical and mental blockages. Frequently, a client will only feel a deep sense of relaxation during the treatment but will report back several days later that something has changed, their mood lifted, the solution to a problem suddenly becomes clear, a difficult decision becomes easy to make. They are sleeping better which has a knock effect on their whole life.

Reiki continues to work behind the scenes after the treatment is finished, though regular treatments are required to completely remove blockages in the body’s energy system to allow for complete healing.

What I love about Reiki is that is non-invasive, it doesn’t even need to be hands on if the client is nervous about being touched. There is no need to undress, and I always offer a blanket or other covering should the client feel vulnerable lying on the table; especially where there are emotional blocks being released as feeling, or being, naked adds to the vulnerability.

Reiki can be sent over distances, the client doesn’t even need to be in the room with you. I have sent to people in different countries and time zones, and they report feeling the effects of it.

I use Reiki daily myself, frequently giving myself a treatment before bed and despite the unusually hot weather here at the moment I have no trouble sleeping!

Emotional problems often manifest as physical symptoms, and as we begin to understand more about how the body works we are discovering a greater mind/body/spirit connection than was even thought possible1. Reiki works on all levels, allowing us to achieve a relaxed body, which in turn allows us to still the mind giving us access to our subconscious and inner knowledge to work through the things that are holding us back in life.




  1. If you wish to explore this further I recommend You Can Heal Your Life by  Louise Hay,  The Biology of Belief  by Bruce Lipton and How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David R Hamilton
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Why pay for Reiki?

Why pay for Reiki is a question that frequently rears its ugly head in Reiki circles and beyond. I know many Reiki Masters who give free treatments and wouldn’t dream of asking for money or any other form of payment for their work.

There is nothing wrong with that, who doesn’t like free stuff after all? The argument that prevails is that Reiki doesn’t cost us anything, it is Divine or Universal energy we are tapping into. Anyone can learn Reiki and treat themselves or others so why pay for something that is free?

Well we pay for plenty of things that are free and never even question it. Take our drinking water for instance, water is a free resource, in fact 71% of the earth’s surface is water, admittedly not all of it is fresh water. Anyone of us could go to our local stream or river and collect water to drink, wash and cook, instead we choose to have it come out a convenient tap in our house. We pay for the water to be cleaned and for the pipes that deliver it. ~ A Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the energy you are receiving.

Continue reading “Why pay for Reiki?”

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Love is in the air…


February, my leas319894f5-4df9-49f5-86a8-be316d8cf08bt favourite month of the year, with its dark cold days. New Year’s resolutions have long bitten the dust and the weather doesn’t help diminish the gloom of failure.

Its only saving grace is that it is supposedly the month of LOVE, with Valentine’s day bang in the middle. Which is fine if you are all loved up and feeling romantic and have the funds to splurge on over priced tat for those special people in your life. For the less fortunate it can feel a bit like a slap in the face, flaunting the world of coupledom, when yet again you are sat at home alone watching whatever slushy movie has been served up this year.

But, why should Valentine’s Day just be for couples? All of us have people in our lives that we love, whom we rely on and who rely on us, who make every day better. Why not show them how much they mean to you? It doesn’t have to be a big expensive gesture, a cup of tea when they least expect it, a listening ear, a hug, a text to say hello and that you are thinking of them.

Be kind to others, the fifth Reiki principle doesn’t have to be hard, but we get caught up in own lives and forget sometimes that we are included in that. We should be kind to ourselves too. So, this Valentine’s Day take the time you need for yourself, to read, meditate, soak in the bath, or to connect with others. If you feel good it is far easier to give to others.

Wishing you all Love, Light and Laughter this Valentine’s Day.

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Happy New Year!

So we begin again, another chance to look over what we have achieved or failed to achieve and set ourselves new goals for the coming year. We begin with childish optimism, taking up a new sport or hobby, a determination to get fit, lose weight, be kinder, drink less, earn more: the list is endless.

And each year we falter,  after a few weeks life catches us up, things go wrong and we find ourselves returning to old habits and berating ourselves for that, which in turn makes it harder to change. Our old ways are our comfort in times of stress and the harder we are on ourselves the more likely we are to want our comforts so creating a vicious circle.

This year my one and only resolution is to take it easy on myself. To treat myself with the  same compassion and kindness I offer to others in my life. After all, I am only human, I am allowed to make mistakes, to feel tired or overwhelmed to need time out and space to breathe, think, just be and this year I am going to take that time without feeling guilty. As the saying goes you cannot pour from an empty cup, this year I will be working on keeping my cup full so I can continue to give to those who need it.

Whatever you have decided you want in your life in 2018 I hope you achieve it and I wish you all a happy. healthy and prosperous New Year.




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Do not Worry…

How difficult is this precept? When do we not worry about the happenings in our lives? Our loved ones, our jobs, our friends, money? Especially at this time of the year with Christmas looming and its associated expenses, it seems it also the time of year when our heating or cars are likely to go wrong and cost us extra just when we don’t need it.

I have bills coming out my ears at the moment and from an income point of view it’s a slow couple of months as people put aside money for Christmas and in January take stock of their lives and either decide to get to grip with their debts or save money. I will admit that it is difficult not to worry about my finances and where the money is going to come from.

Today, I sat down and worked out a budget and I am going to try very hard not to overspend on that budget. I have meditated and sent Reiki to the situation and will continue to do so for the coming days. Reiki has helped me solve other problems in my life and so I trust too that it will help with this and in the meantime…

(I will try) not to worry

If you are a client of mine, I have a special Christmas offer up my sleeve to help you during the coming season, please email or text for details. 🙂


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Being a contender for an Olympic Gold in Procrastination diligence in my work has always been a hard one for me. There are so many books to read, website links to follow and new music to listen to that I can happily while away the hours and produce absolutely nothing worthwhile.

I work best to deadlines, particularity externally imposed ones, so I have been trying to set some for myself and to stick to them. I have various ongoing projects at the moment and we are redecorating and decluttering the house.The redecorating bit is on target to finished next weekend, the main reason for this being that I had help for a specific number of days so I had to clear and clean the rooms ready for them to be decorated. All well so far except the clutter is now residing in various mounds around the house, and this where I fail in my diligence, the job is only part done.

So today I am setting a deadline for myself to have got rid of it all, giving to charity, taken to the rubbish tip or otherwise disposed of by next weekend.

This week as part of living the Reiki principles I have set aside time to work out what needs doing this week in terms of housework, including aforementioned decluttering, finances, getting children ready for return to college and general day to day stuff made a list and set myself time limits. So far I have I have stuck to it an am feeling rather accomplished. (I know it is still only Tuesday! :roll:)

What are you hoping to accomplish this week?

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Every morning before my Reiki self-practice I recite the Reiki Principles. Each week I choose one to concentrate on as I try to bring Reiki into my everyday life rather than just my healing practice. I am trying to live and breathe Reiki in every waking moment, to remain serene and calm and not let the knocks in life push me off my path.

This week I have chosen to be grateful, to express my gratitude each day as things happen and in notes before I go to bed at night.

Today I am grateful for:

1). Hot running water: I didn’t sleep well last night so this morning I was very grateful to be able to step into a warm shower to give me some much needed alertness.

2). Money: today I found 50p on the pavement, not a huge amount I know but it reminded me that no matter how poor I think I am I always have enough money to pay the bills and put food on the table even when I have unexpected expenses there is somehow always enough.

3). My cats: who come running the minute they hear my key in the door, purring and rubbing against my legs. They bring me such joy and comfort and all I have to do is fill their bowls twice a day. 🙂

4). My yoga teacher: who seems to instinctively know what I need to work on. Every time she leads us through poses that just target the areas I need to stretch or strengthen, and I rarely mention what feels tight or sore before class.

5). Books: for their ability to take us out of ourselves, our lives. the mundanity of our day to day existence and take us on adventures and teach us lessons.

What are you grateful for today?